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Welcome to the activities beach


You are now entering a section of the beach where sports such as kite flying, kite surfing, buggy kiting and beach sailing are permitted. (from Paviljoen 3 in a North-Easterly direction up until paal 5 Jacobspad)


Beach rules:


  • Keep sufficient  distance from other beach visitors  & swimmers, give each other space and respect the  various zones.


  • Do not leave your kite or sail unattended


  • Horses can scare easily if you sail or fly a kite too close, so make your intentions clear from the onset.


  • Entering the beach and the water is always at your own risk.


  • Do not leave rubbish (dog poop) behind on the beach!


Activities westside:



Paviljoen Paal 3

Yoga Schiermonnikoog


Activities eastside:


Kitesurf & Surfschool Kitemobile  
Surfclub Schiermonnikoog

Thijs’ vliegerparadijs (Kiting paradise)

Reactief buitensport



For more information about using the beach :

or enquire with the businesses on the beach



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